Product Simulation

Often, mathematical modeling is considered a luxury in the product development cycle, or even off critical-path.  At Beta Innovations we consider modeling to be a valuable tool during product development for:

  • evaluating the performance of design concepts,
  • validating optimal prototype designs,
  • identifying key performance parameters,
  • exploring product performance data, and
  • reducing the number of physical prototypes that need to be built and tested.

COMSOL Banner.png

Our modeling expertise is in the areas of:

  • fluidics
  • heat transfer
  • chemical kinetics
  • electrokinetic phenomena

These phenomena may be modeled individually or coupled together.  COMSOL is a versatile and powerful simulation package that is used to model and couple multiple physics problems.



Mathematical modeling has been used to benefit the following development efforts:

  • Effects of packaging materials on the storage stability of food products.
  • Significance of ion depletion zones in the performance of a novel electrophoretic separation.
  • Fluidics evaluation of a dispensing system for manufacturing a lab-on-a-chip device.
  • Optimal design and operating parameters of a mixing device by modeling the motion of a free surface on a rocker mechanism.
  • Flow profiles in a single-fluid nozzle design.
  • Creating balanced flow profiles in a microfluidic electrophoresis device.
  • Impact of design variations on the flow patterns of a miniaturized immunoblot assay
  • Thermal profiles around heaters in an incubator system.
  • Current densities around charged, magnetic particles
  • Sample injector design in a flow cytometer-type application
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