Integrated Systems

Successful new products for the laboratory are typically integrated product systems containing at least two of these components:

  • Laboratory instrument
  • Consumable plasticware or other devices
  • Chemical kits, usually targeted to a specific assay or assay category
  • Data analysis software

Another consideration is how a new product fits into the local laboratory environment, both physically, within the normal laboratory workflow, and as part of a greater laboratory information management system (LIMS).

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Beta Innovations can assist in developing the strategies and methods for launching integrated laboratory systems, weighing the costs and benefits of rolling out a full product line, or forming some sort of a staged launch.  We can assist in preparation for product launch

  • Instruments need to be beta tested and safety certified.
  • Consumables and software need to be performance tested.
  • Chemical kits need to have shelf-life determinations that lead to packaging specifications, documentation (MSDS) and certification for international shipping.
  • System manuals or other educational media need to be written.
  • QC systems need to be developed for all system components
  • Packaging requirements for all system components must be specified.
  • Policies and systems for product returns and repair need to be designed.

Beta Innovations can manage these product launch tasks, while the product development team stays focused on final technology refinements, applications development, and moving on to the next generation products.

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