The heart of any product for the life science laboratory or for the food industry is its chemistry.  At Beta Innovations we can provide chemistry support in a number of areas.  Our expertise encompasses the physical chemistry aspects of the product/process interface, and the analytical chemistry required for developing and validating new assays, and for analyzing product behavior.

Physical Chemistry

Physical chemistry considerations become critical in evaluating the way a chemical analysis interacts with product materials, or in evaluating the shelf-life stability of products.  We can help your team:

  • Select materials of construction that are compatible in contact with system chemistry, and with manufacturing processes.
  • Identify surface treatments that improve product performance, usually to either prevent or enhance surface binding, by
    • silane chemistry
    • surface plasma treatments
    • chemical vapor deposition
  • Determining chemical kinetics, usually as they apply to product shelf-life limitations.
  • Water interactions, especially in low or intermediate moisture systems.

Analytical Chemistry

Analytical chemistry techniques are important in backing up assay development for new laboratory devices.  This can be to either validate new methods, or to diagnose product problems.  Our expertise is in high-resolution biological separations, and is concentrated in the areas of:

  • Mass spectrometry-based proteomics
  • Electrophoresis for genomics and proteomics
  • Methods development in liquid chromatography
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