Our Team

Stephen G. Haralampu, Sc.D.


Steve is a versatile R&D leader successful in the commercialization of highly technical concepts into products.  In his diverse career, he has worked in companies ranging in size from start-up to Fortune 500, in both the life science tools and consumer products industries. 


Steve’s success comes from the application of sound scientific principles to practical problem solving that bridge the gap between the laboratory bench and manufacturing.  He is a chemical engineer specializing in the physical and surface chemistry of biological systems, mathematical modeling, experimental design and statistical inference.  Steve has 7 patents and 8 peer reviewed publications as well as being an invited speaker at numerous international conferences.  He was Director of RD&E at Protein Forest, and  Director, R&D at Opta Food Ingredients, and has held various research positions at General Foods, Dynatech R/D, and Ocean Spray Cranberries.  Steve holds degrees in chemical engineering and food engineering, all from MIT.

William M. Skea, Ph.D.


Bill is an experienced researcher and leader in the field of high-resolution biological separations and analyses.  He has specialized in protein and peptide chemistry, and has expertise in analytical, preparative and process HPLC; 1D and 2D electrophoresis; peptide synthesis and sequencing; and mass spectrometry.  In the area of product commercialization, Bill has led teams involved with instrument design, development and manufacture, as well as the development and manufacture of biochemical consumable products.


Bill has extensive experience in moving products through the product development cycle into manufacturing.  Former positions include Executive Vice President and General Manager of  Proteome Systems,  Vice President-Proteomics at Genomic Solutions, Vice President US Operations at Oxford GlycoSystems, Vice President of  Development at PerSeptive BioSystems and Director of Life Science Corporate R&D at Millipore Corporation.  Bill has led multidisciplinary groups of scientists and engineers, and has many years experience that include P&L responsibility, strategic and tactical planning, technology licensing, business acquisition, OEM agreements, management of direct and distributor sales, and customer technical and service support. 

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