Manufacturing Stratgies

Beta Innovations can help develop manufacturing strategies that control costs, reduce risks, and meet time constraints.  Some considerations in the development of a sound strategy include:

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  • Self manufacture versus contract manufacture.
  • Product design for manufacture (DFM).
  • Maintaining lean manufacturing.
  • Managing product inventory to limit capital requirements.
  • Balancing the manufacturing capacities of various system components to assure timely delivery of product to customers, e.g., assuring that consumables manufacture is sufficient to supply the number of instruments in the field.
  • Determining what level of custom automation is appropriate for efficient, high-quality manufacture.
  • Implementing quality systems.
  • Establishing Customer Support to deal with product issues, including repairs and returns.
  • Assuring that manufacturing capacities and methodologies appropriately ramp up to meet the demands of an expanding marketplace.

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